Matanzas City

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Havana-Matanzas= 105 km
Matanzas-Varadero= 60 km
Matanzas-Playa Giron= 155 km

Matanzas Pharmacy Museum

Pharmaceutical museum in matanzas Cuba

It was founded in 1882 by Dr. Ernesto Triolet and Juan Fermín de Figueroa. Converted into a museum in 1964, shows, among other original objects, their polychrome porcelain jars, utensils pharmaceutical ProDuster prepared on site or imported from Europe, mostly drawn from medicinal herbs, prescription drugs and many other items and instruments time. this museum pharmacist has the distinction of being one of its kind in America. It is located on Calle Milanés between St. Teresa and City Hall, Matanzas.

Matanzas Sauto Theater

Sauto Theater in Matanzas Cuba

Matanzas, a city of rivers and bridges, is the capital of the province of the same name, located in the north-western part of the island at 100 kilometers east of Havana and 30 kilometers from Varadero Beach Resort. The city was founded in 1693 under the name of San Carlos and San Severino de Matanzas. French immigration at the end of the 18th century turned Matanzas into a rich and cultured region, the most prosperous inside the country. It was proclaimed “Athens of Cuba” in 1860 and has always been a reason of inspiration for painters, musicians and poets.

To the excellent natural conditions and its extraordinary beautiful landscapes, we should add its advantage and strategic location. The city is surrounded by a beautiful bay and well conserved architecture expressing itself in an eclectic style. Matanzas treasures a number of museum and several places of interest like the Pharmaceutical Museum, the only French drug store of the 19th century conserved in the world; the Junco Palace Provincial Museum; the famous Sauto Theater, National Monument; the San Carlos de Borromeo Cathedral built in 1878; the San Severino Castle, the homes of the Catalanes of Montserrat among other cultural and historic values.

Matanzas is proud of its bridges and rivers whose outlets is to the bay: San Juan river that travels from the valleys of the south; Canimar river which travel through cannon between hills from the east and the Yumuri river that brings along waters from the neighboring west valley of the same name. From these rivers there are a number of bridges which are emblematic to the city like the called Concordia of 1878; the enormous Guiteras over the Canimar that dates back to the 20th century which gave way to tourism for Varadero. Also visit the Bacunayagua Bridge, opening the way towards Matanzas from Havana.

From the city of Matanzas you can travel to Varadero Beach Resort with 20 kilometers of beaches and 12 diving centers, sports installations, golf course and hotels among many other services and attractions.

South of Matanzas you can find the Zapata Penninsula, one of the most important eco systems in Cuba and the largest wetland in the Caribbean.

In the same peninsula, you can tour Guama as well as the Bay of Pigs, Playa Larga and Playa Giron. You can also visit other municipalities in the province like Cardenas famous for its horse carriages.

castillo  san severino matanzas cuba

Yumuri Valley

yumuri valley in matanzas cuba

Yumurí Valley is located in the Heights of Havana Matanzas, 1 km north of the city of Matanzas, in the city of Matanzas. Height: 50 m. Length: 6.6 km. Width: 5 km. This valley is the eastern end of the heights of Havana-Matanzas; elevations that run near the northern coast of Cuba from the east coast of the Bay of Havana up the hill "La Cumbre" .A human sight, is the Valley Yumurí an exceptional conjunction compelling, if not to visit him at less to make a stop along the way to contemplate from the viewpoint of "Bacunayagua" very close to the highest bridge of the island, with an elevation of 110 meters, and is one of the wonders of Cuban civil engineering.

Guaguancó Dance

guaguanco dance matanzas cuba

Guaguancó is a subgenre of Cuban rumba, combining percussion, voices, and dance. There are two main styles: Havana and Matanzas.Guaguancó is a couple dance of sexual competition between the male and female. The male periodically attempts to “catch” his partner with a single thrust of his pelvis. This erotic movement is called the vacunao (‘vaccination’). The dance is performed with good-natured humor. Wikipedia


Things to do


  • ✓ Pharmaceutical Museum.
  • ✓ Lolo Galeria-Taller.
  • ✓ Beisball Stadium Palmar de Junco.
  • ✓ El Morrillo.
  • ✓ Cathedral of San Carlos Borromeo.
  • ✓ Hill Sacred Heart.
  • ✓ Chapel of Santa Rita.
  • ✓ San Pedro Apostol Church.
  • ✓ Ermita de Monserrate.


  • ✓ Callejon Traditions.
  • ✓ Sauto Theater.
  • ✓ Railway station.
  • ✓ Hospital de Santa Isabel.
  • ✓ Alberto Tarascó Martínez Academy.
  • ✓ Provincial School of Plastic Arts.
  • ✓ Bellamar Caves.
  • ✓ La Arboleda.


  • ✓ Bridge Bacunayagua.
  • ✓ Yumuri River.
  • ✓ El Salado.
  • ✓ La Dominica building, Cardenas.
  • ✓ Cave Large Santa Catalina, Carboneras.
  • ✓ Triunvirato Old Ingenio, Limonar.
  • ✓ Farm The Ignacia, Limonar.
  • ✓ Caimito de la Hanábana, Calimete.

One Day Tour

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