One day tour Catholic Religion


From Habana

Approximate duration: Around 11 hours.

Visits temples, churches and convents of main catholict and protestand religious in Cuba. From that visitor will get in touch with spiritual presence and faith of the Cuban people

Departure from the hotel at 08:00 am, visit the Rincon which is the St. Lazarus Sanctuary, a saint very much venerated by the population, protector of the sick and poor; from there to the Havana Cathedral, St. Ambrosio Seminary and then to the old university founded by the Dominican brothers.

Walk to the St. Francis of Asís Square, enter the convent of the same name, this convent is a sample of the presence of Franciscan brothers, also visit the recently inaugurated Greek Orthodox Church, and the garden in memory of Mother Teresa of Calcuta.

Optional lunch, we suggest the Bodeguita del Medio, El Floridita, and the famous El Templete.

Continue the visit by bus to the Reina Church; the Presbyterian; the Pentecostal located in Santa Marta and Infanta and the Methodist in 25 and K to finally conclude the tour at the Dominican Convent in 21 and E.

Return to the hotel at 19:30.

St. Lazarus Sanctuary

san lazoro church

National Shrine of St. Lazarus church dedicated to St. Lazarus is in the town of Rincón, in the municipality Boyeros, in the present province of Havana. One of the most popular manifestations of religious fervor in Cuba, is the annual pilgrimage to the National Shrine of St. Lazarus on December 17, to the San Lazaro miraculous Cuban, or Babalu Aye arrive devotees from all provinces of Cuba and abroad. In January 1998, Pope John Paul II, visited the revered temple, where he chatted with religious and believers who were there.

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