One day tour Afro-Cuban Religion


From Habana

Approximate duration: Around 10 hours.

As Cuban ethnologist Don Fernando Ortiz said, Cuba is an “ajiaco” (a dish with different types of root vegetables and meats) referring to the ethnic mixture on the island composed of Spaniards, indigenous and African. The presence of the Afro-Cuba religions in the nation´s culture is vital, omnipresent and part of the national character. Its influence grows and extends.

Pick up time at the hotel at 08:30 am, to Guanabacoa municipality, cradle of the Afro-Cuban religion where you will visit the Guanabacoa Afro-Cuban Museum, Orishas Museum and the Virgen of Regla Church.

Visit the Cathedral Plaza and the all the colonial squares. Optional lunch: We suggest the Bodeguita del Medio, favourite of Cuba’s National Poet Nicolas Guillen who wrote on the African descendents, mulatos and culture.

After lunch visit the neighborhood of Cayo Hueso, the Callejón de Hamel Cultural Project, the National Folkloric Ensemble in Vedado, and the Don Fernando Ortiz Foundation.

You will be able to participate in a rumba show and or folklore at the Culture House in Central Havana.

Return to the hotel at 19:30.

Callejón de Hamel
Cultural Project

Callejon Hamel Cultural Project havana cuba

Salvador Gonzáles Escalona on April 21, 1990 started with murals and sculptures in the street Callejón de Hamel, near University of Havana. For sculptures he used scrap objects like bathtubs, hand pumps, pin wheels etc., and for the murals he used different kind of available paint, including car enamel; the street was transformed from a slum area to an enthusiastic Afro-Cuban centre. Today there are workshops for young Cuban children to learn painting. Every Sunday there are rumba performances, and every Friday Cuban music in the street.

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