Wonders of Cuba

Luxury Private tour

11 days / 10 nights
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Arrival at Havana International Airport José Martí.

Meet and Greeting at the Airport.

Transfer to Hotel in Havana.

Check In at Hotel.

Free evening.

Accommodation in H & B at Hotel Iberostar Parque Central 5* or similar Hotel 5* like Hotel Nacional de Cuba or Hotel Meliá Cohiba or Hotel Melia Havana or Hotel 4* Plus like NH Capri.

Day 2 Havana - Soroa - Viñales Valley - Havana

07:30 Breakfast.

08:15 Departing for Viñales Valley one of the most beautiful areas of Cuba with their rare hill name Mogotes, fertile land where best havano tobacco leaf is grown. Place of wonderful caverns, little country routes and amazing landscapes.

09:15 Entrance to the Montesino´s Tobacco Farm to learn about the process of driying the tobacco leaf which is an important step in the process of making the Havano´s Cigar.

09:45 Continuation to Pinar del Río City where you will visit a Cigar Factory to learn of the process of rolling the Havano Cigar.

11:30 Visit Los Jazmines view point to have a magnificent panoramic view over the Viñales Valley and its Mogote´s hill.

12:15 Visit the Indian Caves, entrance to the Caves with a boat ride inside the caves.

13:00 Visit the macro painting made on one of the side of one Mogote to Visit to Prehistoric Wall painting on a side of a Hill. This peculiar painting was made from a student of the Mexican world known painter Diego Rivera.

13:45 Creole luncheon in a local restaurant like Finca San Vicente.

14:45 Departing for Soroa.

16:00 Entrance to the Botanic Garden of Soroa with an incredible orchidary collection.

17:00 Continuation to Havana.

18:35 Visit the famous El Floridita, Bar and Restaurant, preferable bar of Hemingway in Cuba, including one Daiquiri Drinks.

Free evening.

Accommodation in H & B at Hotel Iberostar Parque Central 5* or similar Hotel 5* like Hotel Nacional de Cuba or Hotel Meliá Cohiba or Hotel Melia Havana or Hotel 4* Plus like NH Capri.

Meals included: Breakfast & Lunch.

Day 3 Havana

08:30 Breakfast.

09:30 Starting the walking tour of Old Havana from the Templete, where Havana villa was founded in 1519. Walking through the Plaza de Armas and all other Squares of Old Havana: San Francisco de Asís Square, then to Old Square, visit the Cathedral Square. Seeing the monuments, the Palacio del Segundo Cabo and the Havana Cathedral.

11:00 Entrance to the Rum Museum with a welcome cocktail.

12:15 Departing for Finca Vigía to appreciate the most complete collection of books, personal belongings of Hemingway during the almost 30 years who lived in Cuba including the Yacht Pilar.

13:45 Luncheon at La Terraza de Cojímar Restaurant.

15:00 Tour of the Cojimar town which Hemingway visited very often to talk with the Cojímar´s fishermen about their experience fishing on small boats in the Sea. From that time he thought about the idea of writing the novel Old Man and the Sea. Also Hemingway participated in the movie of the same name which was filmed in Cojímar based on the novel of Hemingway’s novel "The Old Man and the Sea".

16:00 Visit the room Hemingway used to rent at Hotel Ambos Mundos.

17:00 tour of Modern Havana on Old American Vintage Car.

18:15 Entrance to Hotel Nacional de Cuba, Tour through the Hotel , visiting the Hall of Fame to learn about many illustrate guess Hotels has had over the years.

19:30 Back to the Hotel.

21:00 Departing for Taberna Benny Moré to have dinner and enjoy the show of Buena Vista Social club Saga.

23.30 Back to the Hotel.

Accommodation in H & B at Hotel Iberostar Parque Central 5* or similar Hotel 5* like Hotel Nacional de Cuba or Hotel Meliá Cohiba or Hotel Melia Havana or Hotel 4* Plus like NH Capri.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

DAY 4 Havana - Peninsula de Zapata - Cienfuegos

07:30 Breakfast.

08:15 Departing for Península de Zapata.

10:30 Visit the Interpretation Center to know about flora and fauna; entrance to Boca de Guamá to see the Cuban Crocodile Specie Rombipher being breed.

13:00 Lunch at local restaurant.

14:30 Visit the Bay of Pig Battle Museum referring to the battle between the government forces and the exile army supported by CIA who disembarked to try to topple the Cuban government.

16:00 Continuation to Cienfuegos City.

17:35 Check In at Hotel.

Free evening to enjoy the boulevard, the Seaboard and the Marti Park.

Accommodation in B & B at Hotel boutique La Union 4* or Hotel Jagua 4* or Hotel Rancho Luna 3* plus

Meals included: Breakfast & Lunch.

DAY 5 Cienfuegos - Trinidad

08:00 Breakfast.

08:45 Check Out.

09:00 City tour of Cienfuegos, declared by Unesco at Heritage site of Humankind. Visit the Martí Park, the Terry Theater, the Alameda (Central Park), the Seaboard over one of the prettiest Bay in Cuba, visit the French Style mansion built by the settlers of Cienfuegos who came from Louisiana, USA in the XVIII century. Visit the Palacio del Valle Building with its eclectic and neoclassical architectural trends and visit the Nautical Club. Cienfuegos appeal lies partly in the European flavour of its colonial hub, with a wide Parisian-style boulevard and elegant colonnades, and there is an ambience to inspire Cuba’s most celebrated Son singer Benny More to write the words “Cienfuegos is the city I like best”.

Optional Lunch at Los Camarones Restaurant.

14:45 Continuation to Trinidad.

16:00 Accommodation in B & B at Hotel Iberostar Grand Trinidad 5* plus (considered best Hotel in Cuba).

17:00 Starting the tour of the City of Trinidad, the quintessential of Cuba Colonial City, best preserved historical Center in all the America´s. Established by the Spaniards in 1514 and lined with cobblestone streets and colorful houses, the town of Trinidad is easy to wander around and almost every scene offers superb photographic opportunities, from locals casually smoking their huge cigars on the doorsteps of their homes to old Chevrolets cruising by. Visit Santa Ana and the Major Square. Entrance to the Romantic Museum, entrance to the Canchanchara Bar with a welcoming drink, visit the Handcraft Fair.

20:00 Optional Dinner at Solananda Family Restaurant, one of the best restaurant in town.

Enjoy to your path the night life of Trinidad, one of the centre of Old Trova Music in Cuba.

Accommodation in B & B at Hotel Iberostar Grand Trinidad 5* plus.

Meals included: Breakfast.

DAY 6 Trinidad - Manaca Iznaga - Trinidad

08:30 Breakfast.

09:30 Continuation of the tour of the City visit to the Museums Cantero Palace (City Museum), also visit the Architecture Museum.

12:30 Visit the Manaca Iznaga Tower and the community as well as the viewpoint of the Sugar Mills Valley.

13:30 Optional Lunch at Manaca Iznaga Restaurant or any Family Restaurant in the area.

15:00 Back to Trinidad.

Entrance to Cantero Palace (City Museum).

Optional visit to Maria Aguiar Beach.

19:00 Back to the City.

Optional Dinner and free evening.

Accommodation in B & B at the Hostals or Guesthouse in the historical Center of Trinidad.

Meals included: Breakfast.

DAY 7 Trinidad - Santa Clara - Varadero

08:45 Breakfast.

10:00 Check Out, departing for Santa Clara city.

11:45 Tour of the City, entrance to memorial Che and the Square Che Guevara, entrance to the Monument to the Derail Armored train and the Vidal Park.

14:00 Optional Lunch at local restaurant.

15:00 Continuation to Varadero resort.

17:45 Panoramic tour ot Cardenas City, visit Elian House.

18:30 Check In at Hotel Iberostar Varadero 5* or Hotel Royalton Hicacos 5*.

Dinner at the Hotel´s restaurant.

Accommodation in All Inclusive at Hotel Iberostar Varadero 5* or Hotel Royalton Hicacos 5*

Meals included: Breakfast & Dinner.

DAY 8 Varadero


Accommodation in All Inclusive at Hotel Iberostar Varadero 5* or Hotel Royalton Hicacos 5*

DAY 9 Varadero - Havana

Free morning.

11:00 Light Lunch at the Hotel.

12:00 Check Out and Transfer to Havana.

13:00 Tour of Matanzas City.

13:45 Stop at Bacunayagua Viewpoint to get an excellent view over the Yumurí valley and the ocean.

14:30 Continuation to Havana.

15:45 Entrance to the Revolution Museum.

Check in at hotel in Havana.

Optional Dinner in "Paladar" at Old Havana.

Accommodation in B & B at Hotel Iberostar Parque Central 5* or similar Hotel 5* like Hotel Nacional de Cuba or Hotel Meliá Cohiba or Hotel Melia Havana or Hotel 4* Plus like NH Capri.

Meals included: Breakfast.

DAY 10 Havana


In the afternoon entrance to Fine Art Museum and to the FAC X Alfonso in the evening.

Accommodation in B & B at Hotel Iberostar Parque Central 5* or similar Hotel 5* like Hotel Nacional de Cuba or Hotel Meliá Cohiba or Hotel Melia Havana or Hotel 4* Plus like NH Capri.

Meals included: Breakfast.



At time Transfer Out to Havana International airport to take flight to country of origen.

Meals included: Breakfast.




Accommodation in B & B as indicated in the Program.

Meet and Greeting at the Airport.

Private Transfer In.

Tour Guide in full command of English and/or other foreign language for the whole staying in Cuba.

All the tours as indicate with the Entrances pointed out in the Program, with explanation of Specialist when mention.

Private Transportation for all the tours.

Luncheons and Dinners as indicated.

Transfer Out.

Not included:


Tourist Visa.

Medical Insurance.

Services not mentioned in the Program.

Central Park Hotel
Centrl Park Hotel Havana

Located on beautiful Central Park in the heart of Havana, the Parque Central comprises two buildings, a colonial section and modern tower, linked by a stylish, underground tunnel. Both sections have independent lobbies, restaurants, and rooms. The newer tower is sleek, chic and contemporary, with a wood, glass and steel design theme set off by bright colors and textured fabrics. The colonial part is classic elegance: what you’d expect to find in a 5-star hotel in any global capital city. Whichever wing you stay in, you’re assured comfort and superior service.

Valle de Viñales
Mogotes en Viñales

The Viñales Valley in the Sierra de los Organos near the western end of the island of Cuba is an outstanding karst landscape encircled by mountains and dotted with spectacular dome-like limestone outcrops (mogotes) that rise as high as 300 m. Colonised at the beginning of the 19th century, the valley has fertile soil and a climate conducive to the development of stock-raising and the cultivation of fodder and food crops.Unesco

el templete havana

El Templete is a monument in Havana, Cuba, that pays homage to the place where the foundation of the town of San Cristóbal de la Habana was celebrated in 1519. The monument consists of bust of Christopher Columbus and three canvases painted by Jean Baptiste Vermay. It is a Neoclassic building, typical example of colonial architecture. Close to the Templete, there is a column which replaces a silk-cotton tree, under which the first mass and the first Council of Havana were celebrated. Wikipedia

The Terrazas restaurant, Cojímar
restaurant las terrazas cojimar cuba

This restaurant is found in the fishing town of Cojímar east of the city of Havana. It opens its doors for the first time on May 20th, 1925. The Terrazas de Cojimar has moderate prices and it specializes in dishes based with seafood and fish. In addition to excellent food, the restaurant is famous for being the favourite spot for renowned US writer Ernest Hemingway during the time he wrote his book ˜The Old Man and the Sea˜, inspired in the life of fishermen of Cojímar during the 1950´s. It is open every day for lunch and dinner.

Playa Girón Museum
museum playa girón

Memorial dedicated to the battle waged by the people of Cuba against Cuban-born mercenary troops, backed by US air and naval forces, which invaded the country from 17 to 19 April 1961. It shown material evidences that testify to the events occurred in Playa Girón.Ecured.cu

Manaca-Iznaga Tower
manaca-iznaga tower trinidad habana

Manaca-Iznaga. It is a bell tower and watchtower type is among the ancient monuments of the Valley of the Sugar Mills in Trinidad. This architectural work was built in the nineteenth century and declared by the National Commission of Monuments of Cuba as a National Monument of the nation on October 10, 1978, when he was also awarded this distinction to neighboring historical center of Trinidad.

Cantero Palace, City Museum
cantero palace city museum trinidad trinidad habana

It is a cultural institution museum type. The Palace was built by José Mariano Borrell and Padron a sugar planter for dwelling house in first half of the nineteenth century. Going from family to family until was bought by Justo German Cantero in 1842. In 1947 passes to the Association Pro-Trinidad who dedicated during long time to School of Arts and Crafts.

Che Guevara mausoleum in Santa Clara
Che Guevara mausoleum Santa Clara habana

The full area which contains a bronze 22-foot statue of Che is referred to as the Ernesto Guevara Sculptural Complex. Guevara was buried with full military honors on 17 October 1997 after his exhumed remains were discovered in Bolivia and returned to Cuba. At the site, there is a museum dedicated to Guevara's life and an eternal flame lit by Fidel Castro in Che's memory./p>

Bacunayagua Viewpoint
 Bacunayagua Viewpoint Havana-Matanzas

Bacunayagua is a placename in northern Cuba. It marks the boundary between the Mayabeque Province and Matanzas Province.The Bridge of Bacunayagua, inaugurated in September 1959, crosses the canyon, and at 110 meters above the valley floor is the highest bridge in Cuba. Cubans consider it one of the seven wonders of Cuban civil engineering. A restaurant with an observation deck is built on the Havana side, while the coastal cove on the Matanzas side includes a campground.Wikipedia

Varadero map

Is one of the largest resort town in the Caribbean, located in the province of Matanzas, Cuba. It is situated on the Hicacos Peninsula, between the Bay of Cárdenas and the Straits of Florida, where there is a nature reserve with virgin forests and beaches. Juan Gualberto Gómez Airport, situated west of the peninsula, is Varadero's airport. It is the second-most-important airport of the island after José Martí Airport in Havana, and serves international and domestic flights.


Attractions Havana-Viñales-Trinidad-Varadero

Attractions Havana

  • ✓ Museum National of Bellas Artes
  • ✓ Museum of the Revolucion
  • ✓ Napoleonic museum
  • ✓ Museum of Chocolate
  • ✓ Museum of the Rum Havana Club
  • ✓ Pharmacy Museum
  • ✓ Museum of the City
  • ✓ Hemingway Museum Finca Vigia
  • ✓ Scale model of Havana
  • ✓ Museum of Guanabacoa
  • ✓ National Museum of Decorative Arts
  • ✓ Wilfredo Lam Center

Attractions Viñales

  • ✓ Santo Tomas Gran Caverna
  • ✓ Indian Cave
  • ✓ Palenque of the Maroons
  • ✓ Mural of Prehistory
  • ✓ Prehistoric park
  • ✓ Palmarito Cave
  • ✓ House Veguero
  • ✓ Viñales Valley Overlook
  • ✓ Botanical Garden
  • ✓ Horse ride through the valley

Attractions Varadero

  • ✓ The Home of the Cigar Maker.
  • ✓ Retiro Josone Park.
  • ✓ Cayo Blanco.
  • ✓ Recreation Park.
  • ✓ Ecological Park.
  • ✓ Santa Catalina Grande Cave.
  • ✓ Carbonera.
  • ✓ Dead Cave.
  • ✓ Bellamar Caves.
  • ✓ Saturno Caves.

Attractions Trinidad

  • ✓ Plaza Mayor.
  • ✓ Iglesia Parroquial Mayor del Espiritu Santo
  • ✓ Romance Museum
  • ✓ Convento de San Francisco de Asis
  • ✓ Parque Central Cespedes
  • ✓ Museo de Historia Municipal
  • ✓ Trinidad Architecture Museum
  • ✓ Yudit Vidal Faife Gallery
  • ✓ Basso Art & Souvenir Gallery.
  • ✓ Santeria Israel
  • ✓ Guamuahaya Archaeology Museum
  • ✓ Iglesia de Santa Ana