Cuba agritourism tour

Educational People travel

9 days / 8 nights

An Special Tour for traveler interested in the development of the Agricultural Sector in Cuba, the organic farm production being implemented by the emergent Cuban private sector and the Cuban entrepreneurs in the agricultural production.

cuba agricultural tour map


Arrival at Havana International Airport Jose Martí.

Meet and Greeting at the Airport by your tour guide.

Transfer In to Hotel, Check In.

Dinner at the Hotel´s restaurant.

Accommodation in H & B at any of the following 4* Hotel in Havana: Memories Miramar, ROC Presidente, H-10 Panorama, Comodoro or Quinta Avenida.

Free evening.

D (dinner included)

07:30 Breakfast.

08:30 Departing the Hotel for Tour of Old Havana, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Starting the walking tour of Old Havana from the Templete, where Havana villa was founded in 1519. Walking through the Plaza de Armas and all other Squares of Old Havana: San Francisco de Asís Square, then to Old Square, visit the Cathedral Square. Seeing the monuments, the Palacio del Segundo Cabo, the Cathedral; entrance to the Rum Museum, and to the Capitanes Generales Museum (City Museum).

13:00 Departing for the outskirts of Havana , and visit the Yoandra´s Farm which produce healthy food and organic food for the many private family Restaurants in Havana, interacting with the Cuban workers. At 14:00 lunch at the Private Family Restaurant/Paladar Il Divino, where we will have an exquisite lunch with many of the products that are produce in the Farm.

15:00 After lunch driving to town Alamar where you will learn about the Organopónico of Alamar and the development of the Urban Agricultural Production in the cities, and its importance in the daily dietary of the population of the Cuban cities.

17:30 Entrance to the external area of Morro Cabaña to appreciate Havana from the other side of the Bay.

18:45 Back to the Hotel.

Accommodation in B & B at any of the following 4* Hotel in Havana: Memories Miramar 4*, ROC Presidente, H-10 Panorama, Comodoro or Quinta Avenida.

Free evening.

B, L (breakfast and lunch included)

08:00 Breakfast.

09:00 Departure for Tour to the western region of Cuba Pinar del Río to do the Tour "The Secrets of Tobacco".

This tour allows us to know some of the secrets that make of our tobacco, the best in the world. We will visit all the stages and processes possible to see depending of the season (seedbed, plantation, harvest, drying), besides the visits to the despalillo and the cigar factory. We use the car or taxi to go to the different places to visit: cigar factory (place where the cigars are made by hand), the visit to a despalillo (stage between the farmer and the cigar factory, this is an unknown process for you and very important, were the leaves are fermented and selected), Visit to the Vueltabajo region, considered the best place of the world for the cultivation of the aromatic leaves, mainly covered tobacco, used for the wrappers that will cover the most famous cigars in the world. Live the unique experience of visiting Héctor Luis Prieto, the youngest Hombre Habano (Havana cigar man) in the world and his farm, where top quality leaves are produced; discover the true secrets of the tobacco among the smoke and the plantations. During the visit to the tobacco farm where we can taste a handmade cigar made by the farmer, learning about his costumes, cultures and traditions, as well as their work methods, we´ll also visit the farms where the wrappers (capas) are cultivated the finest leaves used to cover the cigar.

At the end of the tour have lunch in an organic farm “Finca Paraiso”, place unique by its beauty and quality of the food, where they grow, ecologically, all the vegetables, fruits and roots that they offer.

Departing back to Havana.

Accommodation in B & B at any of the following 4* Hotel in Havana: Memories Miramar 4*, ROC Presidente, H-10 Panorama, Comodoro or Quinta Avenida.

Free evening.

B, L (breakfast and lunch included)

07:30 Breakfast.

08:30 Check Out and departure.

09:00 Leaving for Finca El Retiro an organic research farm located on the edge of Cardenas. The farm features a careful integration of live-stock, field crops, intensive vegetable production, tree crops, on-farm biogas production and small scale food preserving and processing. The farm provides food to numerous seniors centres and daycares in the Cardenas area and is a teaching centre for farmers in the region.

Lunch at a local restaurant or will be prepared at the same Farm.

Continuation to Jovellanos where you will visit the farm name Héctor Correa - his farm, Finca Coincidencia Visit the family farm of Hector and Odalis Correa. This highly integrated farm employs so much thought in design, function, beauty and production that one could stay here for a week.

Hector and Odalis have also developed a high-end pottery business on site (you may buy pottery here) and the family succession plan is worth asking about!

Continuation to Peninsula de Zapata.

Accommodation in H & B at Hotel Playa Larga.

Dinner at the Hotel´s restaurant.

B, L, D (breakfast, lunch and dinner included)

After breakfast, experience Las Salinas, one of the Cuban reservoir of birds and flora and fauna of the region.

Picnic lunch

Visit the Cenote Cueva de los Peces, time for swimming and snorkeling; if of interest visit the Museum of the Battle of Bay of Pigs which reunite most weapons, maps, airplanes, evidences which were used during the battle of Bay of Pigs when Cuban exiles forces supported by the American government disembarked in the area with the aim to topple the Fidel Castro´s Regime.

16:00 Continuation to Cienfuegos City declared by UNESCO as Worldwide Heritage.

City Tour of Cienfuegos, visit the Palacio del Valle with a welcoming drink, the Nautical Club, the Alameda, the Marti Park, the Terry Theater.

19:30 Continuation to Trinidad.

Accommodation in B & B at Hotel Nacional de Cuba 5*

21:00 Check In at the Hostals and Premium Guesthouse in the historical Center of the City, accommodation in H & B.

21:35 Dinner at the Family Restaurant in the historical Center like the Restaurant Museo 1514, or Solananda or Sol y Son or La Cubita.

B, L, D (breakfast, lunch and dinner included))

08:00 Breakfast.

09:00 City Tour of Trinidad, the quintessential of Cuba Colonial City, best preserved historical Center in all the America´s, visit the Santa Ana and the Major Square, entrance to Romantic Museum, visit the Cantero Palace, entrance to the Canchanchara Bar with a welcoming drink, visit the Handcraft Fair.

13:30 Lunch at Plaza Mayor Restaurant.

After lunch, visit the Manaca Iznaga community and Towers, enjoy the local community and the experience of the sugar cane juice. Visit the Sugar Mills Valley.

After that visit the private Farm where vegetables and fruits are produced for the private restaurants in Trinidad.

Back to Trinidad.

Free evening to enjoy the nightlife in Trinidad.

Accommodation at Hostals and Guesthouses in the historical Center of Trinidad, breakfast included.

B, L (breakfast and lunch included)

08:00 Breakfast.

Departing to Topes de Collantes´s Natural Park in the Sierra del Escambray in Trinidad (highest hill chain in the center of Cuba) visiting the coffee trail with the degustation some cup of coffee also a Codina trail to enjoy the Flora and Fauna of the region with a Cuban luncheon organized by the campesinos (countrymen).

Lunch at a local creole food restaurant.

14:45 Continuation to Santa Clara City going through Manicaragua town.

Visit the City Center at Vidal Park.

If of interest visit the Memorial Che, and the Square Che Guevara as well as the Monument to the Derail Armored Train.

Continuation to Havana.

Accommodation in B & B at any of the following 4* Hotel in Havana: Memories Miramar 4*, ROC Presidente, H-10 Panorama, Comodoro or Quinta Avenida.

Free evening.

B, L (breakfast and lunch included)

08:00 Breakfast.

09:00 Visit family farm of Fernadito Funes. Fernando Funes is a younger academic with a Doctorate degree in agro-ecology. Not satisfied with sticking to theory, Fernando has created a model eco-logical farm with a high degree of diversity and integration from bio-gas to bees and vegetable to vermiculture. The farm is located is an excellent example of the Cuban state’s program of free land grants to new farmers.

12:30 Optional Lunch.

14:00 Visit the Botanical Garden.

15:45 Visit the Modern Havana, the Revolution Square, the Colombus Cemetery from outside, the Avenues of President and Paseo, La Rampa, then the Hotel Nacional de Cuba with 1 Mojito and the Hall of Fame.

17:30 1 Hour Drive in Old American Vintage Car.

Back to the Hotel.

20:30 Farewell dinner at El Cocinero with after dinner entrance to the FAC (The Cuban Fabric of Arts).

Accommodation in B & B at any of the following 4* Hotel in Havana: Memories Miramar 4*, ROC Presidente, H-10 Panorama, Comodoro or Quinta Avenida.

B, D (breakfast and dinner included)


Transfer Out on time to take flight outside of Havana.





Accommodation in B & B as indicated in the Program.

Meet and Greeting at the Airport.

Private Transfer In.

Tour Guide in full command of English and/or other foreign language for the whole staying in Cuba.

All the tours as indicate with the Entrances pointed out in the Program, with explanation of Specialist when mention.

Private Transportation for all the tours.

Luncheons and Dinners as indicated.

Transfer Out.

Not included:


Tourist Visa.

Medical Insurance.

Services not mentioned in the Program.

Plaza Vieja Havana
plaza vieja havana

The plaza was originally called Plaza Nueva (New Square). It emerged as an open space in 1559, after the Plaza de Armas and San Francisco. In colonial times it was a residential neighborhood of the Criollo plutocracy. Plaza Vieja was the site of executions, processions, bullfights, and fiestas all witnessed by Havana's wealthiest citizens, who looked on from their balconies. The urban architectural complex of Plaza Vieja is represented by valuable colonial buildings from the XVII, XVIII and XIX and some examples of the early twentieth century. Wikipedia

Capitanes Generales Museum
capinates generales museum havana

Museum located in the old Palacio de los Capitanes Generales, opposite the Plaza de Armas. It is the representative city museum. Its more than thirty rooms exhibit valuable collections of plastic, decorative and utilitarian objects that recreate the historical and cultural evolution habanera arts.

Vega driying of tobacco in Viñales Valley
drying house of tabacco

The 150 square km constituting the Viñales National Park form a unique cultural landscape, and one that stands out is the cultivation of tabacco, which from its green planted until their gabled houses drying surrounded by famous mogotes.

Cienaga de Zapata
cienaga de zapata map

Cienaga de Zapata is one of Cuba’s most diverse ecosystems. Crowded into this vast wetland (essentially two swamps divided by a rocky central tract) are 14 different vegetation formations including mangroves, wood, dry wood, cactus, savannah, selva and semideciduous. There are also extensive salt pans. The marshes support more than 190 bird species, 31 types of reptiles, 12 species of mammals, plus countless amphibians, fish and insects (including the insatiable mosquito). There are more than 900 plant species here, some 115 of them endemic. It is also an important habitat for the endangered monad (manatee), the Cuban cocodrilo (crocodile; Crocodylus rhombifer ) and the manjuari (alligator gar; Atractosteus tristoechus )

trinidad de  cuba

Trinidad, officially founded in early 1514, as Villa of the Holy Trinity . It is a city in the central region of Cuba, specifically in southern Sancti Spiritus province. In 1988 UNESCO inscribed on the World Heritage List the historic center of Trinidad near the Valley of the Sugar Mills .

Topes de Collantes
topes de collantes trinidad

Topes de Collantes is a nature reserve park in the Escambray Mountains range in Cuba. It also refers to the third highest peak in the reserve, where a small settlement and tourist center is located, all sharing the same name.Nature is the big attraction here. Caves, rivers, falls, grottos, canyons, natural pools with crystal clear water, mountain and more.

Botanical Gardens Havana
botanical gardens havana

It is an institution dedicated to the exhibition of tropical plant diversity, with a remarkable performance of environmental education. It also includes among its essential objectives recreation visitors. Attached to the University of Havana, it has in its objectives, promote awareness in the general population, aspects related to plants, emphasizing the native flora. This garden is a benchmark in terms of food culture and organic food in Cuba.

Di Vino Restaurant
divino restaurant in havana

Cuisine:International, italian, creole, Private Business, Address: Raquel Ave #. 50 / Esperanza & Lindero Castillo de Averhoff, Arroyo Naranjo, Phone: +(53) 7643 7734, Tripadvisor: #104 of 706 Restaurants in Havana

El Cocinero Bar/restaurant
el cocinero bar restaurant

The open space at El Cocinero is fully integrated with the dynamic activity of contemporary popular cultural center Fábrica de Arte Cubano. El Cocinero is a cool and trendy bar located in Vedado in the building close to the iron bridge with the big chimney. This place has a renovated industrial space look, good music, nice décor and has attracted a mixed crowd of affluent young Cubans.

Memories Miramar Havana
hotel memories miramar

The hotel is in a area where a number of businesses and embassies are based, and offers a garden, a terrace and a beautiful view of the sea, whilst also benefiting from its proximity to the exciting 5th Avenue.


Attractions Havana-Trinidad-Holguin-Santiago de Cuba

Attractions Havana

  • ✓ Museum National of Bellas Artes
  • ✓ Museum of the Revolucion
  • ✓ Napoleonic museum
  • ✓ Museum of Chocolate
  • ✓ Museum of the Rum Havana Club
  • ✓ Pharmacy Museum
  • ✓ Museum of the City
  • ✓ Hemingway Museum Finca Vigia
  • ✓ Scale model of Havana
  • ✓ Museum of Guanabacoa
  • ✓ National Museum of Decorative Arts
  • ✓ Wilfredo Lam Center

Las Terrazas

  • ✓ Cinema
  • ✓ Reference Center Ecomuseum
  • ✓ Casa Club
  • ✓ Shopping
  • ✓ Library
  • ✓ Medical center

Attractions Trinidad

  • ✓ Plaza Mayor.
  • ✓ Iglesia Parroquial Mayor del Espiritu Santo
  • ✓ Romance Museum
  • ✓ Convento de San Francisco de Asis
  • ✓ Parque Central Cespedes
  • ✓ Museo de Historia Municipal
  • ✓ Trinidad Architecture Museum
  • ✓ Yudit Vidal Faife Gallery
  • ✓ Basso Art & Souvenir Gallery.
  • ✓ Santeria Israel
  • ✓ Guamuahaya Archaeology Museum
  • ✓ Iglesia de Santa Ana

Cienaga Zapata

  • ✓ Boca de Guama.
  • ✓ Guama:
  • ✓ Playa Larga
  • ✓ Playa Giron
  • ✓ Giron Museum
  • ✓ Australia sugar mill.
  • ✓ Museum of the command of the FAR.