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Enjoy delicious Cuban recipes

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arts cafe aguiar

Art Cafe Aguiar

Cuisine: Cuban, Cafe-Bar
Private Business

Address:Calle Aguiar # 22 e/ Peña Pobre y Avenida de las Misiones. Habana Vieja

Phones: (+53) 7866 2418

Tripadvisor: No 11 of 689 Restaurants in Havana

porto havana restaurant

Porto Havana

Cuisine:Cuban Homemade
Private Business

Address: Calle E No.158 B e⁄ Calzada y 9na Piso 11. Plaza. Havana

Phones: (+53) 7833 1425

Tripadvisor: N.º 13 of 689 Restaurants in Havana

cafe espada havana

Cafe Espada

Private Business

Address: Callejón Espada No.2A e/ Cuarteles y Compostela. Habana Vieja

Phones: (+53) 78 66 90 47

Tripadvisor: N.º 219 of 689 Restaurants in Havana

Congri Rice

congri rice

Congrí rice is a delight of Cuban food, that mixture of beans and rice makes more than one savor the mouth. Congrí rice also known as Moors and Christians has a peculiar shape and flavor in Cuba, can be prepared with greaves or pork but also without any of them. Congrí rice is not lacking in almost any of the Cubans' meals.

la guarida

La Guarida

Cuisine: Stylized Cuban
Private Business

Address: Concordia No.418 /Gervasio y Escobar. Centro Habana. Havana.

Phones: (+53) 78 66 90 47

Tripadvisor: N.º 20 of 689 Restaurants in Havana

habana 61

Habana 61

Private Business

Address: Habana No.61 e/ Cuarteles y Peña Pobre. Habana Vieja. Havana

Phone:(+53) 7801 6433

Tripadvisor: N.º2 of 689 Restaurants in Havana

donde lis

Donde Lis

Cuisine:Cuban, International
Private Business

Address:Tejadillo # 163 e/ Habana y Compostela. Habana Vieja. Havana

Phone:(+53) 7860 0922

Tripadvisor: N.º 1 of 689 Restaurants in Havana

Ropa Vieja

ropa vieja

This delicious dish of stripped or "ripiada" meat, typical of Cuban cuisine, is made with garlic, onions and peppers, is one of the most delicious and recognized dishes of Caribbean cuisine. You can accompany it with plantains, white rice and abocado salad.

arts cafe aguiar

San Cristóbal

Cuisine:Cuban International
Private Business

Address: Calle San Rafael No. 469 e/ Lealtad y Campanario. Centro Habana

Phone: (+53) 7867 9109

Tripadvisor: N.º 3 of 689 Restaurants in Havana

porto havana restaurant


Group: Iberostar

Address: Calle Neptuno e/ Prado y Zulueta. Hotel Parque Central. Habana

Phone: (+53) 7860 6627 Ext. 1866

Tripadvisor: N.º 6 of 689 Restaurants in Havana

cafe espada havana

Café Laurent

Private Business

Address: Calle M # 257 e/19 y 21. Vedado. Havana

Phone: (+53) 7832 6890

Tripadvisor: N.º 21 of 689 Restaurants in Havana

Black beens

frijol negro

Is a nutritious dish made with black beans, prepared in Cuba, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and other nations in Latin America. The black bean, a legume of the species Phaseolus vulgaris, are usually purchased in either canned or dried form. Potaje de frijoles negros (Black Beans soup) is another commonly prepared Cuban favorite.

los nardos

Los Nardos

Cuisine:Cuban, International
Private Business

Address: Paseo del Prado # 563 e/ Dragones y Teniente Rey. Habana Vieja

Phone: (+53) 7863 2985

Tripadvisor: N.º 31 of 689 Restaurants in Havana

el litoral

El Litoral

Cuisine:International, Seafood
Private Business

Address: Malecón # 161 e/ K y L. Vedado. Havana

Phone: (+53) 7830 2201

Tripadvisor: N.º 8 of 689 Restaurants in Havana

la casa

La Casa

Cuisine:Cuban, International
Private Business

Address: Calle 30 # 865 e/ Ave. 26 y 41. Nuevo Vedado. Havana

Phone: (+53) 7881 7000

Tripadvisor: N.º 18 of 689 Restaurants in Havana

Peppers Fills

pimientos rellenos
  • Ingredients:
  • 6 peppers
  • 350 g of minced beef (only once by the chopper)
  • 1 onion
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • Salt
  • Prepare the filling, fill them and put them in the oven and roast.
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havana highlight


  • ✓ Museum National of Bellas Artes
  • ✓ Museum of the Revolucion
  • ✓ Napoleonic museum
  • ✓ Museum of Chocolate
  • ✓ Museum of the Rum Havana Club
  • ✓ Pharmacy Museum
  • ✓ Museum of the City
  • ✓ Hemingway Museum Finca Vigia
  • ✓ Scale model of Havana
  • ✓ Museum of Guanabacoa
  • ✓ National Museum of Decorative Arts
  • ✓ Wilfredo Lam Center

Churches and convents

  • ✓ Havana Cathedral
  • ✓ Church and Convent of St. Francis of Asisi
  • ✓ Church of Paula
  • ✓ Church of the Merced
  • ✓ Our Lady of Kazan Orthodox Cathedral
  • ✓ Church of Jesus de Miramar
  • ✓ Holy Spirit Church
  • ✓ St. Christ of Good Trip Church


  • ✓ Cañonazo ceremony
  • ✓ Marti Theather(programmed function)
  • ✓ Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso (programmed function)
  • ✓ National Theather(programmed function)
  • ✓ Bertolt Brecht Cultural Center (programmed function)
  • ✓ Mella Theather
  • ✓ El Sotano Theather
  • ✓ Hubert de Blanck

Bars and Clubs

  • La Bodeguita del Medio
  • La Zorra y el Cuervo
  • El Gato Tuerto
  • Café O'Reilly
  • Buena Vista Social Club
  • La Maison
  • Cabaret Tropicana
  • Parisien Cabaret National Hotel
  • Chévere
  • Pico Blanco, Hotel St. John´s.
  • Havana Cafe, Melia Cohiba