Guest House Trinidad


Trinidad is one of the seven Villas founded by Diego Velásquez in 1514 and in its beginnings was baptized with the name of La Santisima Trinidad. It is located in the south-eastern part of the province of Sancti Spiritus surrounded by the mountains of Topes de Collantes and bathed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea. Trinidad constitutes one of the most beautiful and better conserved city on the island with a great architectural, historic and cultural value. Destination Trinidad

Doña Ramonita (2 room)

guest house ramonita, trinidad, cuba

The Casa Doña Ramonita is located in a quiet street in Trinidad, just few minutes away from the historical area of the city. The house is big with colonial and family environment with two room with private bathroom. It has two inner patios, one of them with fruit trees, which gives you the possibility to enjoy an awesome setting.

Torrado 1830 (2 room)

guest house torrado 1830, trinidad, cuba

Located in the historic center of Trinidad de Cuba. Built in 1830 and remodeled in times of the Republic, Colonial House also hosts contemporary touches. The comfort of their two room and excellent view from the terrace. Private bathroom inside each room.

Hostel Rigo (1 room)

guest house hostel rigo, trinidad, cuba

Hostel Rigo is a colonial house, located just 20 meters from the Plaza Mayor, surrounded by museums and old buildings with great views. We rent a heated room on the second level, with direct access to the terrace, with beautiful views of the city, the sea and the mountains. The room has 2 beds one double and one staff, private bathroom, TV and refrigerator.

Media Luna (5 room)

guest house hostal media luna, trinidad, cuba

Majestic Colonial house built in 1800 located in the Historic City Centre, 50 meters from the Casa de la Trova. The house retains 80% of its original architectural values as wooden ceilings, floors, doors and window, decorated with furniture and objects of the time. Five room all with private bathroom, refrigerator, fan, windows with view inner courtyard of the house.

Antonio y Mary (1 room)

guest house casa antonio y mary, trinidad, cuba

This beautiful house has a very beautiful porch and a facade in blue which distinguishes it from other constructions. The house has an room with a twin bed and a single one. The room has a bathroom direct access to the green yard where you can find peace and quiet.

Casa Don Lino (1 room)

guest house hostal don lino, trinidad, cuba

Colonial house built in the 19th century, and which is still in very good shape. In this accommodation facility, the Patriot Lino Pérez, a notable hero of Trinidad city, lived the last years of his life. It has a large and cozy yard, with much vegetation. The room has a double bed as well as a single one, three large windows that offer a nice breeze and natural light, a private bathroom.

Rene and Mary (2 room)

guest house hostal rene y mary, trinidad, cuba

A very roomy colonial house, located in the historical site of Trinidad city, a few meters away from most major sightseeing sites of the city. There are two rooms for rent, each room has its own bathroom, both have a double bed as well as a single one, a refrigerator and TV, besides there is a kitchen available where the guest can prepare his/her own food. The house has an inner yard with ornament plants and a swimming pool. (gay friendly).

Terrazas (2 room)

guest house hostal las terrazas, trinidad, cuba

This private house is located downtown. Nearby the guest can find interesting tourist places such as the historical site, which is 600 meters away. This casa particular rents out two upper rooms which can also be rented as a private apartment. The rooms has private bathroom. In the back of the house there is a place in the shape of a farm with food service as well as a roof terrace.

Casa Cabaña (1 room)

guest house casa cabaña, trinidad, cuba

It is located 100 meters from the Plaza Mayor where the house music, museums and handicraft centers. In the same corner are an Internet cafe, the Cubatur office, taxi and bus station to the beach. The room is on the first floor of the house and is completely independent with private bathroom, a large terrace where you can watch the sunset. The room is well ventilated because it has large windows.

Misleydis (2 room)

guest house misleydis, trinidad, cuba

This private house is located 100 meters away from the place where you can take the tourist train whose final destination is the Sugar factory valley (Valle de los ingenios), 300 meters away from central park and it only takes a few minute walk to get to the historical site. This house rents out two rooms with one private bathroom.

Otto and Noemí (2 room)

guest house otto y noemi, trinidad, cuba

This house is located to just a few steps away from the most important tourist places which are worth visiting. It is very big, therefore it gives much comfort to its guests. It has a terrace and a garden that you can enjoy. This house offers two air conditioned rooms for rent. Inside the rooms there is a bathroom with cold and hot water 24 hours a day.

El Tayaba (3 room)

guest house hostal tayaba, trinidad, cuba

This is a colonial house that is located 100 meters away from the Plaza Mayor, very near museums, places where you can enjoy music such as (Casa de la Trova, Casa de la Música). This private house offers three room, each one with its own bathroom, refrigerator and TV. This Casa Particular has a terrace that offers a panoramic view of the city, the mountains and the sea.

Laura y Rubén(4 room)

guest house laura y ruben, trinidad, cuba

Is an eclectic lodging facility, due to the fact some modern elements are intermingled with colonial architecture, which is the original construction style of this property. Since it is located in the historical site, it is easy to walk in the paved and full of history streets of the city and have four room for rent with private bathroom.

Casa Balbina (2 room)

guest house balbina, trinidad, cuba

Balbina Dadanía´s house is a colonial architectural beauty. This house is roomy, clear and very well aired. Balbina has two big room for rent. The first room has a big bed and a small one, suitable for a child. The room has windows that overlook the inner patio of the house. It has its own bathroom. The second room has two small beds and own bathroom too.

Clary and Elena (2 room)

guest house clary y elena, trinidad, cuba

Clary and Elena’s hostel is located on Gloria Street, just in the historical site of the city, just a few meters away from The Main Square and The Romantic Museum, This accommodation facility also has a very large terrace on the 3rd floor that allows you to see the wonderful landscape of this historical city. Two room with private bathroom.

Casa Font (2 room)

guest house casa font, trinidad, cuba

Is very close to downtown Trinidad. Over four generations have lived in this house which has been very well restored and preserved. This house has two room for rent, an inner patio full of plants which give a very special touch to the house. The house is very fresh and clear. The room has a very big bathroom.

Hostal Zamora (2 room)

guest house hostal zamora, trinidad, cuba

It is located in the city center, just two blocks from Central Park and two blocks from the Hotel Iberostar Trinidad. Both bedrooms have indoor bathroom. We offer the view from 2 terraces.

Santander(3 room)

guest house santander, trinidad, cuba

Private Lodging facility that preserves many of the typical features of the colonial epoch, with its living room that has been decorated with ancient furniture, 3 large rooms, private bathroom, as well as sunny terraces.

Familia Lemes (1 room)

guest house familia lemes, trinidad, cuba

A glamorous colonial house built at the beginning of the XIX century. In 1925 was remodeled under the influence of the eclectic style, attaining greater beauty and elegance. It is located by the center of commercial life in town, close to the old Carrillo Square. One large double room with private bathroom.

La Casona 254 (2 room)

guest house hostal la casona 254, trinidad, cuba

Colonial house of two room available for rent, have large Windows, with the architectural style that distinguishes this city. Each room have private bathroom. The terrace, located on the third and last floor of the house, has a small restaurant, where very often the hosts serve breakfasts and dinners to their guests.


Things to do in Trinidad


  • ✓ Plaza Mayor.
  • ✓ Church Parroquial La Santisima Trinidad
  • ✓ Romance Museum
  • ✓ Convent of San Francisco de Asis
  • ✓ Central Park Cespedes
  • ✓ Historia Municipal Museum
  • ✓ Trinidad Architecture Museum
  • ✓ Yudit Vidal Faife Gallery
  • ✓ Basso Art & Souvenir Gallery.
  • ✓ Santeria Israel
  • ✓ Guamuahaya Archaeology Museum
  • ✓ Church of Santa Ana

Naturals Park and Beach

  • ✓ Ancon Beach
  • ✓ Salto del Caburni
  • ✓ Valle de los Ingenios
  • ✓ Iznaga Tower
  • ✓ El Cubano natural park
  • ✓ Embalse Hanabanilla
  • ✓ Cascada de Javira.
  • ✓ Cerro la Vigia
  • ✓ La Boca


  • ✓ Casa de la Música
  • ✓ Casa de la Trova
  • ✓ Casa Sandunga Artex
  • ✓ La Canchanchara
  • ✓ Palenque de los Congos Reales
  • ✓ Plaza Santa Ana
  • ✓ Plazuela de Segarte
  • ✓ Disco Ayala
  • ✓ Bar Floridita Trinidad
  • ✓ Las Ruinas de Segarte
  • ✓ La Casa de la Cerveza
  • ✓ Bar Yesterday


  • Don Antonio, Restaurante
  • El Jigüe, Restaurante
  • Mesón de la Plaza
  • Mesón del Regidor
  • Grill Caribe Península Ancón
  • Guachinango
  • Plaza Mayor
  • Plaza Santana
  • Trinidad Colonial
  • Vía Real