Guest House Santiago-Baracoa


Santiago de Cuba is called the “Hero City of the Republic of Cuba” in recognition to the contribution of the city to the wars of liberation. Like in no other part of Cuba, Santiago de Cuba is full of rich mixtures of races and cultures. Music is an essential component of the spirit of the people from Santiago. Destination Santiago de Cuba

Cuba´s outstanding city of Baracoa was founded in 1512 with the name of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción de Baracoa by Diego Velazquez. It is known as the oldest settlement on the island and after the arrival of the Spanish colonizers in 1518 the city was renamed. The city was finally known as Baracoa. This name comes from an indigenous word which means “presence of the sea” in allusion to the marine environment that contrasts with the mountains and the rivers of the region. Destination Baracoa

Hostal Raúl (5 room)

guest house raul, santiago, cuba

Santiago de Cuba. Located to just 60 meters from the Plaza de Marte and Parque Cespedes, rent 5 spacious rooms. Each room has a double and single bed, private bathroom, minibar, TV, safe, electricity 110V and 220V. The house also has a cozy terrace where you can see much of the city of Santiago de Cuba.

Casa Yoyi (3 room)

guest house yoyi, santiago, cuba

Santiago de Cuba. This private house is located in the historical site, eight blocks away from the famous Céspedes Park. The house rents out three upper rooms. All rooms for rent has three single beds that can be put together, a private bathroom, TV and windows that overlook the yard. The house also has two terraces and a balcony.

Dr Carballo (2 room)

guest house carballo, santiago, cuba

Santiago de Cuba. This private house is located just 50 meters away from the house where Frank País was born. This accommodation facility is on the upper floor and it rents out two rooms, has a double bed and a single one, a private bathroom. The guest can also have access to the terrace of the house from which he can admire an amazing mountainous landscape. We can speak English, French and Russian.

Casa Dulce (1 room)

guest house dulce, santiago, cuba

Santiago de Cuba. Just three blocks away from Santiago Boulevard is located Dulce´s Casa. It has a room for rent has two beds: A double bed as well as a single one. It also has a private bathroom, with refrigerator, TV set and windows. The guests can enjoy an excellent terrace.

La Hiedra (3 room)

guest house la hiedra, santiago, cuba

Santiago de Cuba. La Hiedra de Santiago is a few meters away from La Casa del Caribe, with three rooms, each one with chest of drawer, mirror, closet, two beds, a private bathroom and other comforts. Besides, the guests can enjoy a large garden, porch, a sitting room with TV, living room, dining room, a terrace and a balcony.

Yadira (1 room)

guest house yadira, santiago, cuba

Santiago de Cuba. Yadira´s house is located on Santo Tomás (Félix Pena) street, in the historical site of Santiago de Cuba city. The house rents out a private upper floor where there is a room with a double bed and a single one, private bathroom, windows that allow light and good ventilation, a living room with a table where the guest can have his meals, a fully equipped kitchen ready to be used.

Casa Nenita (2 room)

guest house janet, nenita, cuba

Santiago de Cuba. Is a private house with colonial style of the end of XIX century, located in the historical site, across from Vilma Espín mausoleum, just takes a five- minute walk to get to Céspedes Park. This rent out two rooms, one with one double bed and second with two beds; each one has a private bathroom, refrigerator and windows. Besides it has a yard with a garden where you can have breakfast or dinner.

Marcela (2 room)

guest house marcela, santiago, cuba

Santiago de Cuba. Marcela´s House is located in the very likely most popular street of Santiago de Cuba city: Padre Pico Street. This facility has two rooms. Each room has a double bed, a private bathroom, refrigerator, DVD player, windows and access to the terrace and big yard of this place for rent.

Casa Manrique (2 room)

guest house manrique, santiago, cuba

Santiago de Cuba. Manrique´s house is located downtown Santiago de Cuba. The house rents out two rooms. The rooms two single beds that can be put together, a private bathroom, refrigerator and windows that overlook the terrace. The house has an upper terrace.

Casa Milanés (3 room)

guest house milanes, santiago, cuba

Santiago de Cuba. It only takes a fifteen minute walk to get to the historical site of the city, it is near 26 de Julio museum. It rents out three comfortable rooms. The rooms has a double bed, a private bathroom, safe-deposit box, TV set, balcony and access to the terrace and yard of the facility.

Villa América (3 room)

guest house america, holguin, cuba

Bayamo. This is a private house located in Bayamo city 300 meters away from downtown, where you can find several interesting tourist places. The Casa Particular has three rooms at two floors; all room with two double beds, private bathroom, windows, pantry and a terrace.

Arturo(4 room)

guest house arturo, bayamo, cuba

Bayamo. Hostel Arturo and Esmeralda is a modern building nestled in the historic center of the city. The Casa rents four completely independent rooms. The first three rooms have a double bed, refrigerator, TV, stereo, two large windows and internal and independent bathroom; the fourth room has two single beds that can be put together, refrigerator, TV, two windows and also independent bathroom. All guests have access to the terrace.

America 2 (2 room)

guest house america 2, bayamo, cuba

Bayamo. Private lodging facility located just 500 meters away from the resort that is at Bayamo river. This accommodation facility rents out a separate apartment with separate entrance, which is on the ground floor. It has a dining room-kitchen well equipped for you to use it and enjoy it, a double room with a double bed as well as a single one and a private bathroom and a balcony that has a view of the street.

Las Mercedes (1 room)

guest house mercedes, bayamo, cuba

Bayamo. Just in the historical site of Bayamo city, is located Villa Las Mercedes. This Casa Particular rents out a spacious room with a private bathroom, the guests can have access to the living room and porch of the facility, in which you can enjoy the welcome cup of coffee that the hostess offers.

Mailin (2 room)

guest house mailin, baracoa, cuba

Bayamo. Wonderful Casa Colonial. We offer two separate rooms with modern bathrooms for 3 guests each. Private living room and seating in the courtyard and on the roof terrace any time at the disposal of the guests.

Alejandro (1 room)

guest house alejandro, baracoa, cuba

Bayamo. Large house located in front of the bay of Baracoa with marvellous views to nature. The house has for your enjoyment terrace, garden, yard and garage. The room has large glass windows overlooking the side garden of the house allowing excellent natural lighting. Has a private bathroom, safe-deposit box, TV set.

Onoria (1 room)

guest house onoria, baracoa, cuba

Baracoa. Lovely room fully equipped with TV, private bathroom, balcony and a huge terrace with a panoramic view to the sea and mountains. Walking distance to all tourist sites. Max Capacity 3 persons.

Nelsa Adela (5 room)

guest house nelsa adela, baracoa, cuba

Baracoa. This house has a terrace overlooking the sea, and other amenities, provide typical local food of this beautiful city. Among other culinary offerings. The house rent 5 room with private bathroom.

Yindra (3 room)

guest house yindra, baracoa, cuba

Baracoa. Modern three-story house, located in the heart of the city 30 meters from the Cathedral Square. Offer three rooms with private entrances, each has two beds: a double and a personal, refrigerator, and large windows, bathroom and balcony. The top floor has a terrace with sea view and panoramic view of the city.

Cesar (4 room)

guest house cesar, baracoa, cuba

Baracoa. The hostel gives you the possibility to move freely for their spaces and share socially with other guests and hosts. Rents 4 bedroom with private bathroom.


Things to do in Santiago-Bayamo-Baracoa

Santiago de Cuba

  • ✓ Casa de La Trova
  • ✓ Casa de las Tradiciones
  • ✓ Hotel Casa Granda Terrace Bar
  • ✓ Patio de Artex
  • ✓ Patio de Los Dos Abuelos
  • ✓ Santiago Cafe Nightclub
  • ✓ Club 300
  • ✓ La Maison
  • ✓ Cabaret Tropicana
  • ✓ Discoteca La Iris
  • ✓ Casa del Caribe
  • ✓ Iris Jazz Club
  • ✓ Sala de Concierto Dolores

Santiago de Cuba

  • ✓ Carnaval Museum
  • ✓ Lucha Clandestina Museum
  • ✓ The image Museum
  • ✓ Emilio Bacardi Moreau Museum
  • ✓ Diego Velazquez Museum
  • ✓ Rene Valdes Gallery
  • ✓ Memorial Vilma Espin Guillois
  • ✓ Moncada Barracks
  • ✓ Revolution Plaza (Plaza De La Revolucion)
  • ✓ Plaza of Dolores
  • ✓ Plaza of Marte
  • ✓ Cespedes Park


  • ✓ Matachín Fortress.
  • ✓ Seboruco de Santa Barbara Castle.
  • ✓ La Punta Fortress.
  • ✓ Combat of Alto Pino.
  • ✓ Oscura Cave.
  • ✓ The first Malecon of Caribe.
  • ✓ La Farola Road.
  • ✓ Toa River.
  • ✓ Duaba River.
  • ✓ Miel River
  • ✓ Yumuri River


  • ✓ Boulevard Bayamo.
  • ✓ Carlos Manuel Park Céspedes.
  • ✓ The Wax Museum.
  • ✓ The Tavern.
  • ✓ The Marquette of Bayamo city.
  • ✓ The Cathedral.
  • ✓ A brief swim of Bayamo River.
  • ✓ Bayant Cabaret .
  • ✓ Duaba River.
  • ✓ The swimming pool of Sierra Maestra hotel.
  • ✓ House of Music.