Guest House Soroa


Soroa is a village belonging to the town of Candelaria in Artemisa province. Before 2011 it was part of Pinar del Rio province. It is associated with the Reserva de la Biosfera Sierra del Rosario National Park. Soroa Orchid Garden,is the largest collection of Orchid gardens in the world and it is home to 650 rare types of orchids, both native and exotic... Destination Soroa

Doña Rosa(1 room)

guest house doña rosa soroa cuba

Maite(2 room)

guest house maite soroa cuba

Odalys (1 room)

guest house odalys soroa cuba

Don Agapito (1 room)

guest house don agapito soroa cuba

Dunia (1 room)

guest house dunia soroa cuba

Las Piedras (3 room)

guest las piedras soroa cuba

Guimart (2 room)

guest huellas guimart soroa cuba

Villa Mayra (2 room)

guest house villa mayra soroa cuba

Guest House Las Terrazas

Las Terrazas, considered one of the relics in the western part of the island, is found in the Sierra del Rosario Mountains in Candelaria municipality in the south-eastern part of Pinar del Rio province. Candelaria is the smallest county of the province and the closest to Havana. The Sierra del Rosario was named Biosphere Reserve in 1985 by UNESCO with 25 000 hectares.... Destination Las Terrazas

Duque (1 room)

guest villa duque las terrazas cuba

3 hermanas(1 room)

guest tres hermanas las terrazas cuba

Juanita (3 room)

guest villa juanita las terrazas cuba

Estrella (1 room)

guest doña estrella las terrazas cuba


Things to do in Terrazas and Soroa

Square community

  • ✓ Cinema
  • ✓ Reference Center Ecomuseum
  • ✓ Casa Club
  • ✓ Shopping
  • ✓ Library
  • ✓ Medical center

Outdoor activities

  • ✓ Visit to Rancho Curujey
  • ✓ Bird watching
  • ✓ Sendero la Serafina
  • ✓ Walk El Contento
  • ✓ The house of the singer Polo Montañez.
  • ✓ Moka Alley
  • ✓ Aquatic activities

Outdoor activities

  • ✓ The workshops of artists Jorge Duporté, Lester Campa, Ariel cat and Henry Alomá.
  • ✓ Buenavista coffee plantation, coffee plantation nineteenth century.
  • ✓ Ride on boats or ride horses
  • ✓ Canopy tour
  • ✓ Baths in natural pools


  • ✓ The Orchad Botanical Gardens.
  • ✓ Agua Pozo del Amor Waterfall. Its waters has mineral-medicinal properties.
  • ✓ Ruins of former French coffee plantations: Independence, La Esperanza and La Merced.
  • ✓ Enjoy a cool swim in the rivers: Bayate and Manatiales.