Diving Center Playa Girón


Península de Zapata

9 nights y 10 days
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3 nights in Havana (first 2 and last).
6 nights in the Zapata Peninsula.
10 immersions are included 2 daily.

This region is also considered one of the most beautiful spots for diving on the island for its marine floors and caves, located south of the province of Matanzas, found in the Zapata Peninsula, one of the most peculiar geographic areas of the country with the largest wetlands in Cuba and the southern Caribbean region. The region is found some two and a half hours from Havana on bus. This diving area can be used all year around as it is protected from the winter’s climate and Cold Fronts from the north.

Group tour of Havana with specialized tour guide with command in foreign languages

Diving with master in the field at the International Diving Center. Excludes renting diving equipment, each diver must have their own equipment.

Package of 10 immersions, 2 immersions daily starting on day 4 until the 8th, both included.

Discount for groups, family and children.

Price includes all hotels in suggested food plan, transfers, visits, master in diving, oxygen tanks, lead belts and all local taxes (except airport tax of 25.00 CUC to be paid personally at departure).

Lodging in Hotels:

4 Star Superior Boutique Hotel like Telégrafo, Armadores de Santander, Florida, O’Farrill in Old Havana in B & B.

3 Star Hotels: Playa Larga or Playa Giron in the Zapata Peninsula (can also be done from Cienfuegos 45 minutes from the diving centers lodging Jagua Hotel) in H & B.


International airfare.


Visa fee.

Ciénaga de Zapata
cienaga de zapata cuba

It is one of the most unique sites in Cuba, where several types of marsh ecosystems are grouped, moderately or slightly modified by human action. Predominant low plains marshy and semi-swampy, vegetation of natural grasslands of high aesthetic and landscape, such as the Laguna del Tesoro and Hatiguanico River basin, the main river artery of the area as well as Playa Larga and Playa Giron value. As a whole, the vegetation of the Cienaga de Zapata is one of the most important green areas of Cuba and of their own species of flora and fauna it represents a place of worldwide interest.

Diving Center in Cienaga de Zapata
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There are 12 different diving areas to Bahía de Cochinos at the coast The average water temperatures run 28 - 29 degrees Celsius. Under water, you find outstanding visibilities as well as a plentiful flora and fauna. Diving can be done all year.


The Diving Center Playa Girón

  • Location: Ubicado en el propio hotel Playa Girón, Península de Zapata, Matanzas, Cuba.
  • Distance:
  • To closest international airport: Cienfuegos 96 km.
  • To closest city: Cienfuegos 96 km.
  • To closest hospital: Habana.
  • Hyperbaric Chamber: in Ciudad Habana or Cárdenas, transfer by helicopter.
  • For recreational diving nature has provided the best, because in this dazzling environment you can find one of the most suitable ecological place ever known, Bahía de Cochinos. All diving sessions are performed from the coast, where the ref. Start with all its beauty. Big colonies of elkborn, brain, leaf, mountainous star, staghorn, pillar and flower corals and sea fans grow in an exuberant way, together with thousand of coral fish, which are diving companions up to the drop-off zone, in most of the sites at no more than 100 meters ( 328 feet) from the coast and less than 10 meters ( 33 feet) deep. The walls fall sharply near the drop-off with an immensity sensation when watching the deep blue color of the sea. Many amazing coral structures are formed with tunnels, channels, caves, terraces and crevices as if they were drilling the wall, where the web developed sessile fauna live, such as 2 meters ( 6.5 feet) long yellow and violet tube, barrel, vase, azure vase, orange elephant ear or branch sponges. There are also big dep gorgonians and black coral colonies of different species
  • Immersion Points: 5
  • Recommended sites: Punta Perdiz 1, Punta Perdiz 2, El Tanque, El Cenote, El Jaruco, Las Cañas, Dos Cocos, El Brinco 1 and 2, El Ebano y Caleta Buena. s.
  • Types of Diving: Coral reefs, walls, shipwrecks. Plenty of flora and fauna.
  • Services: Package of immersions, Beginner’s course and international accreditation courses.
  • International accreditation: SSI, CMAS, ACUC.
  • Vessels: Not necessary. Dive from the coast.
  • Capacity: 50 divers daily
  • Departure: 2 daily
  • Equipment included: Vessel + Lead belt + tank.
  • Excluded equipment: Rest.

cienaga de zapata