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Isla of Youth

9 nights y 10 days
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3 nights in Havana (first 2 and last)
6 days in the Isle of Youth
Diving for 5 days
2 immersions a day for a total of 10.

This is one of the most precious and beautiful areas with over 50 diving points located in the Caribbean Sea. Diving is carried out from the International Diving Center next to the Colony Hotel where our clients lodge. The Isle of Youth has an airport for national flights.

There are daily flights from Havana on Cubana Airlines. The flights depart at 6:00AM; pick up at the hotel is organized and upon arrival at Nueva Gerona, capital of the Isle of Youth, a TRF for the Colony Hotel will be ready.

Group Tour of Havana with Specialized Guide with command of foreign languages.

Dive with a Master in the field at the International Diving Center in Isle of Youth.

Package of 10 immersions, 2 immersions daily starting the 4th day until 8, both included.

Round trip Havana-Nueva Gerona-Havana.

Discount for groups, family and children.

Price include all hotels with suggested meal plan, air ticket, all transfer on bus, visits, excursions, entrances indicated in the program, specialized guide, as well as all local taxes, (except airport tax of 25.00 CUC to be paid personally at departure).

Lodging in Hotels:

4 Star Superior Boutique Hotel like Telégrafo, Armadores de Santander, Florida, O’Farrill in Old Havana in B & B.

4 Star Colony Hotel in the Isle of Youth in H & B.


International airfare.


Visa fee.

Colony Hotel
colony hotel

The Hotel El Colony is located in the Siguanea Bay to the south of the Youth's Island in Cuba, called by many the earth of the a thousand names, in allusion to the denominations received during the centuries. Inaugurated in the 50's this resort rises in a paradisiacal beach to the south of the Cuban island, is just at 5 minutes from the airport of Siguanea, 35 minutes of flight from Havana and 42 km from Nueva Gerona.

Pines Island
diving isle of youth

The Canarreos-coral archipelago is the second-biggest coral reef of the world, (672 islands and islets), extends from Cuba up to the Bahamas. The treasure Island possesses a total surface of 2.199 square kilometres and is consequently eight times bigger than the Island Malta. This beautiful Island with its fantastic underwater precincts of the Canarreos Reefs cares the world about the second longest coral formation. To the Diving center belongs an Marina, several diving-ships and over 100 gears, also a Hyperbaric Chamber you find here. The super diving places with completely intact corals, a big fish continuance, many wrecks and spectacular Drop offs


International Diving Center El Colony

  • Location: Isle of Youth, Batabano Gulf (100 km South of the Province of Havana). It is the second largest island of the Cuban archipelago.
  • Distance::
  • To closest international airport: Rafael Cabrera Mustelier, 42 km.
  • To closest city: Nueva Gerona 42 km..
  • To closest hospital: Havana Hospital 45 minute flight..
  • Hyperbaric Chamber: CIB El Colony / Air transportation..
  • Description: It has an approximate extension of 3 nautical miles. The main areas that characterizes the Cuban marine platform is well represented (diversity of species among them shad, barracudas, parrots, macaw, lobsters and even large tortoise.
  • Immersion Points: 56
  • Recommended sites: Wall of Black Coral (float No.1), The Valley of Guacamayos (float No.2), Love Tunnel (float No. 4), Blue Cave (float No. 7), Magical Kingdom (float No. 36), the Sahara Kingdom (float No. 40).
  • Types of Diving: Coral, Wall, Sunken Ship and Night.
  • Services: Package of immersions, Beginner’s course and international accreditation courses.
  • International accreditation: ACUC.
  • Vessels: 3 yachts of 41 feet and 1 of 61 feet. .
  • Capacity: 60 PAX per day.
  • Departure: 1 daily, 2 immersions.
  • Equipment included: Vessel + Lead belt + tank.
  • Excluded equipment: Rest.

Isla de la Juventud