Diving Center Cayo Guillermo

9 nights y 10 days
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3 nights in Havana (first 2 and last).
6 nights in Cayo Coco
10 immersions are included 2 daily.

Keys with lavish nature, in the Jardines de la Reina archipelago, north of Ciego de Avila province, previous are recently incorporated to Cuba´s tourism development. It has a modern International Diving Center and excellent coral bottom. These keys have an international airport where flights from Europe and Canada arrives everyday; also they have domestic flights from Havana every day.

Group tour of Havana with specialized tour guide with command in foreign languages

Diving with master in the field at the International Diving Center. Excludes renting diving equipment, each diver must have their own equipment.

Package of 10 immersions, 2 immersions daily starting on day 4 until the 8th, both included.

Round trip of Havana-Cayo Coco-Havana.

Discount for groups, family and children.

Price includes all hotels in suggested food plan, transfers, visits, master in diving, oxygen tanks, lead belts and all local taxes (except airport tax of 25.00 CUC to be paid personally at departure).

Excludes diving equipment, each diver must have their own equipment.

Lodging in Hotels:

4 Star Superior Boutique Hotel like Telégrafo, Armadores de Santander, Florida, O’Farrill in Old Havana.

4 Star Superior Sol Cayo Guillermo or Sol Cayo Coco Hotels All Inclusive.


International airfare.


Visa fee.

Pedraplén a Cayo Coco
pedraplen cayo coco

Major road project linking the mainland with the fourth largest island of Cuban Archipelago, allowing tourism development and employment for many people in the province Ciego de Avila It was the first work of its kind built in Cuba, part of the Island Turiguanó, on the mainland to the island of Cayo Coco in Arcipiélago Jardines del Rey, with a length of 35 km.

The waters around the Cuban archipelago
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Are characterized by their gentleness – mild tides and no strong currents -, their warmth over 24°C all year round, their virgin conditions - no pollution and well – preserved bottoms -, the diversity of its underwater flora and fauna, and the total absence of aggressive animals. In this zone the coral ref. is extended over more than 32 Km ( 20 miles) most of it is 10 meters ( 33 feet) deep, thus forming coral “bands”. There are many and well developed sponges, gorgonians and corals, but the principal attraction is the variety of fish. Just a few sites in the Caribbean can be equal to these sea bottoms in this concern , so any diver can feel himself as diving in an aquarium.


Centro Internacional de Buceo Cayo Coco.

  • Location: Ciego de Ávila, Cayo Coco Jardines del Rey . These keys are located outside the national territory, outstanding for its beauty, united by land through a 17 kilometer road above the sea.
  • Distance:
  • To the closest internacional airport: Jardines del Rey 50 km.
  • To the closest city: City of Havana 600 km.
  • To the closest hospital: Morón 60 Minutes
  • Hyperbaric Chamber: Militar Central Hospital (Havana/ Aero Medic Transportation and Militar Hospital (Santiago de Cuba)/ Aero Medic Transportation
  • Description: Over 20 miles of coral reefs across the coasts. The diving sites are found in shallow water, the topography of the bottom are small walls and here you can observe crustaceous, invertebrate sessile, corals, reefs, gorgonians, sponges and micro algae.
  • Immersion points: 30
  • Recommended sites: Casasa, Las Coloradas, La Jaula and Los Tiburones
  • Types of Diving: Coral and Drift.
  • Services: Immersion packages, beginner’s courses and international accreditation courses.
  • International accreditation: ACUC SNSI
  • Vessels: 1 yacht of 41 feet and a vessel of 13 feet.
  • Capacity: 30 pax daily.
  • Departure: 2 daily.
  • Equipment included: Vessel + Lead belt + tanks. Transfer
  • Equipment not included: Rest.

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