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Reservations for travelling to Cuba with CubaTopTravel
  1. Hotel Reservation.
  2. Airfare.
  3. Private transfers from and to the airport.
  4. Service of specialized guides fully knowledgeable in foreign languages.
  5. Rental cars, microbus, minivan, bus (with or without driver).
  6. Rental yachts, ferries, boats, executive planes and helicopters.
  7. Rental of Meeting and Conference rooms equipped with audiovisual means, technical and logistic support.
  8. Rental equipment for different sporting modalities like water, adventure, recreation like: golf, diving, snorkelling, sailing, mountain climbing, walking among others.
  9. Excursions and tours: reservation in restaurants, cabarets, night clubs
  10. Events, Congresses & Fairs
  11. Organization of Private Meetings (business, academics, professional, associations) , Parties, Weddings, Honeymoon, Dinners, Buffet, Anniversaries.
  12. Analysis and advice on investments, business potential, business dates, marketing studies.
  13. Cultural Events
  14. Courses
  15. Any other specialized service.
To make reservations to any of our services follow the steps:

Step 1:
Contact us.
Step 2: Reservation confirmation.
Step 3: Payment confirmation.
Step 4: Voucher delivery and complete details of the trip.

Detailed explanation of each step:

Step 1:
Contact us through our email address: info@cubatoptravel.com, fill in the application with the following personal information:

  • Real name or reference.
  • Email address from to where we will communicate with you. (Include maximum of three email addresses to use in case the first does not work).
  • Requested services.
In the square spaces write the services that you require, try to make it detailed as possible in order for our commercial personnel to request and confirm what you exactly want. Write all the information necessary, the space allows it. Don't Limit Yourself.

Step 2:

24 hours after sending your information, you will receive an email message indicating: Name-Code of your request in our Reservation system (RTT) and a six digit number, Ex:RTT003542 and the state of the reservation, that is if the request has been confirmed or if it is in process.

If the reservation cannot be CONFIRMED, our personnel will give the reasons why and we will be happy to offer you alternatives if possible.

Payment option, we will indicate the DATE in which the reservation must be paid (in general one month in advance of the date of the flight).

We will send you an attached document in Excel format, the invoice with the description of the requested services and confirmations and the total amount that must be paid.

We will also offer information on the Bank account where you must carry out your transfer.
Note: At this moment the payment system by credit cards is not in force but will be established in a short period, we apologize if this causes any inconvenience.

Step 3:

Once we receive the bank transfer with payment of the services, we will send you a message notifying you that the payment was received reiterating the CONFIRMATION of all the contracted services.

Step 4:

Together with STEP 3, we will attach a document in Excel format, a voucher that constitutes the document that the client must deliver the final provider in order to receive the contracted services.

The message will indicate the contact information of the local Agency of your destination with a 24 hour Mobil emergency number and any other detail or information that you may need.

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