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  The CUBATOPTRAVEL site and all its information, including designs, structures, programs, trademarks, logos, photos, videos, slogans, offers, descriptions, contacts, Only and Exclusively belonging to Grand Caribbean Tourism Development Corp., which legal terms could be consulted in the Panama's Chamber of Patents.

Nor the site, or its information can be partially or totally used by any natural or legal person not belonging to the CubaTopTravel site unless there is a written authorization of the President and or General Manager of Grand Caribbean Tourism Development Corp.

Such authorization will express the terms of the approval, information permitted to use, in the form and for what objectives and interests and the period of the authorization’s validity if so required.

The non authorized use of the information contained in the site is a violation of the privacy rights of the statutes and therefore the transgressor, once informed of the matter and after instituting negotiations in case in a friendly solution is not reached, Grand Caribbean Tourism Development Corp., could carry out legal actions it deems necessary.

The policy of Links with other Web Sites will be decided by the President and or Manager of Grand Caribbean Tourism Development Corp. at the proposal of the Webmaster, taking into account the characteristics, values and merits of each web site that requests a link.

The approval will be taken individually and will be communicated via email signed by the Manager of Grand Caribbean Tourism Development Corp. to the Webmaster of the requested site.

Such message will be registered in the company’s files.
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