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Sanatorio Topes de Collante. It was a Cuban health institution built by the dictatorial government of General Fulgencio Batista for the treatment of tuberculosis. The facility is located at a height of 850 meters above sea level, in the Escambray Mountain Range, a site chosen for its microclimate, which makes it possible to treat this disease.

Topes de Collantes is a National Park located in the southeast part of the Sierra del Escambray, the second most important mountainous Chain on the island. At some 800 meters above sea level, you will find this extraordinary protected landscape of great beauty. It is also made up by various elevations and peaks. San Juan Peak constitutes the highest point with approximately 1 140meters.

The Topes de Collantes National Park occupies an area of some 12 hectares with a population of important endemic species of flora and fauna together with an indescribable beauty where there is an abundance of pine forests, bamboo, eucalyptus, among many other species.

The place is ideal for those that love mountain climbing. Different options allow a visitor to observe the region´s flora and fauna enjoy interpretive tracking or the medicinal plants gardens, swim in natural pools, benefit from waterfalls and plan visits to incredible caves.

There are tracks that will take a visitor to the small waterfalls. Vega Grande waterfall has some 75 meters in height and Caburní waterfall. We also recommend the Codina Track very accessible and beautiful.

One of the valleys between the Sierra´s mountains you can find Hanabanilla Reservoir one of the largest and most beautiful of Cuba. It has 32 square kilometres and a depth of approximately 35 meters. Hanabanilla supplies water to Cienfuegos and Villa Clara.The trip to Topes de Collantes from any road is a unique and very emotional experience where you can enjoy an impressing view.

El Altiplano

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Naturals Park

Codina Park

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El Cubano Park

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Guanayara Park

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El Nicho park

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Vega Grande Park

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Parks in the Topes de Collantes Grand Park


The Topes de Collantes Plateau are here several interesting tourist places The Caburni paht, a symbol of the Guamuhaya mountain range, with its majestic and spectacular Salto del Caburni The Vegas Grandes path leads to an impressive cascade, surrounded by thick trees and beautiful landscapes La Batata path by the banks of a clean and trasparent brook, a perfect company in this tour where you can learn about a typical "adobe house" and its inhabitants , an also, a cave rurrounded by deep and fresh natural ponds The arboretum or Botanical Garden is another place well worth checking out on your visit here, and its path Jardin de Gigantes with over 300 flora species from 4 continents. These species were planted in the decade 1940 as a forest center to provide information about the singularities of the species and the popular traditions The cultivation the coffee represents one of the major economic activities in the mountains for Topes de Collantes Grand Park. It has a Garden of Coffee Varieties with the main species planted here and other varieties cultivated in Cuba in the world. Nearby, at the Coffee House, you can learn about 10 out of the 400 ways of possible elaboration and taste the aromatic drink.

Codina Park

Located 8 km from Topes de Collantes, Codina Park's feature is its an anti-stress and ecological refuge. The Encantos de Codina you to learn about its natural values, among which are a garden with an awesome plant variety. Here, activities such as trekking, hiking, birds-watching, camping, horse-back riding and cave tours can be carried out. Roast pork and its inseparable Congri make its specialized reatruant one of Codina's charms.

Guayanara Park

Offers different and attractive activities including bird-waching, camping, trekking, canyoning and cavalcades, among other options. La Casa de la Gallega by the Guanayara River and taste a delicious Pollo A la Gallega, amid a natural paradise of fruits and flowers, birds and the melodic whispering of the waters. Is 15km north of the Los Helechos hotel

El cubano

In de Western border of Sugar mill Valley, The Huellas de la Historia rout, leads you learn about colonial times through espisodes of slave life in the region, and their link to sugar cane plantations. In addition, a well designed route with bridges hanging over transparent rivers and brooks, leads you to the gorgeous Salto de Javira. It is also possible to go horse-back riding, bird-watching, camping and enjoy with the house's specialty: Cat-fish.

EL Nicho

Crossing the Macizo de Guamuhaya, 30 km from Topes de Collantes and just 2 km from Hanabanilla dam, El Nicho park arises with its footpath Reino de las Aguas which offers the privilege of a River Birds, surrounded by leafy trees andthe always pleasant singing of birds, many of which are unique. The river and its steep relief form cascades that run an impressive way. Natural look-out points offer.