Cayo Largo del Sur


Cayo Lago del Sur

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Archipielago de los Canarreos

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Principales cayos: Cayo Largo, Cayo Rosario y Cayo Cantiles

Cayo Largo del Sur Beaches

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Cayo Largo del Sur stands out as a relic of the archipelago of the Los Canaerreos, a long and narrow 37 kilometer island located in the southern part of Cuba. This incredibly beautiful key is 135 kilometers from the Isle of Youth and 177 kilometers from the City of Havana. Cayo Largo del Sur is a privileged destination for its natural beauty, considered as one of the best sites for immersion, in an environment of gorgeous coral reefs in shallow waters where you can find gorgonians, fish and a variety of flora and fauna.

This island with singular attractive scenes is conserved in its natural environment, its beautiful beaches is located in its 24 kilometers of white fine sand, surrounded by dense vegetation and extensive areas of wetlands, in addition to transparent waters. Privacy is the main characteristic of Linda Mar and Paradiso beaches, while Blanca beach is protected by rocks and Tortuga Beach is the favourite among tortoise to lay eggs.

Other islets offer their attractive scenery to vacationers, among them Cayo Rico which magnificent shores; Cayo Iguana, with its populous inoffensive iguanas; Cayo Los Pajaros favourite among the birds and in Cayo Rosario you can appreciate large amounts of fish. Cayo Cantiles and Cayo Sigua are different, with the magic harmony of flora and fauna, turn this region into an ideal place for water sports and sport fishing.

There are countless number of facilities for the most demanding interests and tastes, together with the large variety of first class lodging, the majority in the modality of all inclusive, made up by comfortable villas and hotels. Example of this is the Sol Pelicano and Sol Cayo Largo Club, both from the Sol Meliá Hotels Group. More recently was built Barcelo Cayo Largo from the Barceló Hotels Group. They also have an active night life; while the variety of cuisine combines international foods with a rich Cuban flavour.

There are many options for you. From Cayo Largo del Sur, the visitor could fly to the special municipality of the Isle of Youth and tour the city of Nueva Gerona. Once in the city you must visit the historic center, its museums, tour the former Presidio Modelo prison and the El Abra Farm. You may be interested in a visit to Jones Jungle –forest farm of important ecology- the Crocodile Farm in the Lanier Swamp, where you can find the rombifer: which is a Cuban crocodile among other options.

Cayo Largo del Sur can be an excellent option for those that want to enjoy the kindness and beauty of nature, full of legends of hidden treasures by pirates in the past.

Diving Center Cayo Largo del Sur

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Introduces itself to you after your arrival in the hotel, mostly with the travel welcome and they will explain to you transfers and the whole Diving Center Information will be given to you. There 32 dives sites, the main are Las Rabirrubias, Canal de la Barracuda, Punta de Barrera, El Ballenato y Las Cuberas. Kind of bottom: Coral reefs, Walls, Shipwrecks, Plenty of species (barracudas, turtles and whale shark in winter) and caves.The boats are comfortable.

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Things to do


  • ✓ Paraiso Beach.
  • ✓ Sirena Beach.
  • ✓ Mal tiempo Beach
  • ✓ Playa Blanca
  • ✓ Playa Luna
  • ✓Los Cocos Beach
  • ✓Lindamar Beach

Near kays

  • ✓ Cayo Rico
  • ✓ Cayo Rosario
  • ✓ Cayo Cantiles
  • ✓ Cayo Iguana
  • ✓ Cayo Los Pajaros

Dolphinarium Cayo Largo.

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El Torreon Nursery

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