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Cayo Guillermo-Havana= 556km
Cayo Guillermo-Santiago= 553 km
Cayo Guillermo-Trinidad= 265 km
Cayo Guillermo-Ciego de Avila= 119 km

Cayo Guillermo is a tiny island of thirteen square kilometers, which is part of a group of several islands called « Jardines del Rey » (King's Gardens) and which itself is part of the largest archipelago called « Sabana-Camaguey ». Cayo Guillermo is itself surrounded by a dozen islands, and the nearest is Cayo Media Luna located North of Playa Pilar.

Cayo Guillermo is part of the Jardines del Rey archipielago, made up by the most beautiful keys, islands and islets in the region and which were baptised by the Spanish in honor of the then monarch Fernando VII. Of them, Cayo Guillermo together with its neighbour Cayo Coco are the two that stand out the most. They are located north of the province of Ciego de Avila with beautiful natural surroundings, for those that love water sports in addition to its modern hotel installations.

Cayo Guillermo is smaller than neighbour Cayo Coco with only 13 kilometers in length. This key stands out for its beauty and virginity of its environment.

One of the best beaches is Pilar beach in honor of US write Ernest Hemingway who enjoyed fishing in the area.

Cayo Guillermo is ideal scenario for water sports, diving, recreation and leisure, its coral reefs and abundant vegetation, gives refuge to diverse flora and fauna especially located in the El Baga Natural Park.

From the hotels you can go on an excursion around the keys to the diverse points of interest in the province of Ciego de Avila and the rest of the destinations in Cuba.

You can reach these islands by air through a modern international airport where nationalk and international flights arrive everyday. By road, you can take a 17 kilometer ride over the sea linking Cayo Coco with the main land (Morón city).

Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo and Cayo Paredon Grande are linked by a road that facilitates the direct communication among them. By sea, the Cayo Guillermo Marina offers an international visitor services like migratory procedures, customs among others.

The modality of events and incentives is another possibility that offers the keys of Jardines del Rey as its hotel installations has the necessary conditions to host sporting and cultural meetings as well as any other type of festivals.

EL Pilar beach

El Pilar Beach Cayo Guillermo

Playa Pilar is one of the most beautiful beaches in Cuba, located seven kilometers west of the resort area of Cayo Guillermo. The sand is white, fine and dense enough to facilitate walking. Playa Pilar is a small beach extending over 500 meters.

Hotel Sol Melia Cayo Guillermo

hotel sol cayo guillermo

Things to do


  • ✓ Dolphinarium Cayo Guillermo
  • ✓ Kiteboarding Cayo Guillermo
  • ✓ Las Coloradas beach
  • ✓ La Jaula beach
  • ✓ Horseback Riding
  • ✓ Snorkelling, Water Sports, Sunbathing
  • ✓ Dolphine trip
  • ✓ Acuavida Spa Talaso
  • ✓ La Cueva Del Jabali
  • ✓ Rocarena Climbing Center

Ranchon Playa Pilar Restaurant

This restaurant and bar, offers a grill menu ... lobster, fish, shrimp, chicken, pork, fries, etc. with a choice of drinks. You will also find a cooler (popsicles, fudge, etc.), terrace, bathroom, telephone cabin, etc. The opening hours are from 10am @ 4:30 p.m. daily.

<ranchon restaurant cayo guillermo cuba

International Diving Center Jardines del Rey

Diving Zone Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo with 18 dive sites. The kind of bottom is coral reefs, caves, walls and shipwrecks and plenty of species. Account with 1 Dive Boat 31 foot, 12 Pax. The Hyperbaric Chamber is 2 hours by helicopter (Habana or Cárdenas ) The Main Dives Sites are Jaula, Triton and Loma del Puerto.

Kitesurfing in Cayo Guillermo

Kitesurfing is a water sport traction, sometimes called fly-surfing or just ... kite. It is to ride on a surfboard or small twin tip being towed by a kite called wing.