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Cayo Coco

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Cayo Coco-Havana= 524km
Cayo Coco-Santiago= 521 km
Cayo Coco-Trinidad= 233 km
Cayo Coco-Ciego de Avila= 86 km

Cayo Coco considered an island?

aerial view of cayo coco cuba

Yes, according to The Island Directory of United Nations that provides an annotated list of nearly 2,000 of the significant islands of the world, among them is Cayo Coco, 368 square km, larger than the island of Manhattan in the state of New York and San Vicente in the Caribbean Sea.

Jardines del Rey is made up by keys, islands and islets which was baptized by the Spanish in honor of the then monarch, Fernando VII. Of these keys Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo located in the northern part of the province of Ciego de Avila are the most popular and with the most precious natural scenes, for water sports and recreation, in addition to the modern hotel installations. Cayo Coco was baptized by that name due to the Coco and Ibis Blanco birds that are found in the area. They say that Cayo Coco was one of the favourite spots for pirates which visited Cuba like the terrible Jacque de Sores and Henry Morgan.

Its 370 kilometers of extension make many people to consider it an island in itself. You can find in its 22 kilometer beach interior lagoons and almost all of the island is covered of extensive vegetation that serve as refuge to a number of fauna species, many of them endemic. Among some are the colourful flamencos, one of the largest communities in the country with approximately 2 000 samples. There is an addition 157 bird species in the area. The jabalies or wild pigs are the largest animal and different species of iguanas are found in the key.

This key is know for its beautiful natural environment, its crystal and transparent waters, protected by the extensive coral barrier, ideal for snorkelling and sports fishing. The Las Colorodas, La Jaula, Los Flamencos (with 3 kilometers of extensión and with bar and grill services) and Larga Beach, are among what a vacationer prefers and lovers of water sports.

This destination includes a modern hotel network with 4 and 5 star categories with a first rate beaches with an ALL INCLUSIVE modality and high ranking standards in its main hotels: Melia Cayo Coco, Sol Cayo Coco, Cayo Coco Tryp Club, NH Krystal. You can reach these keys by land, sea or air. There is a modern international airport; with national and international flights arriving every day.

By road there is a highway with some 30 kilometers in length over the sea which links these keys with the main land. At the same time the three big keys in the area: Cayo Caco, Cayo Guillermo and Cayo Paredon Grande are all linked by a network of roads that connect each other.

The modality of the events and incentives is another possibility that offer the islands of Jardines del Rey, as these hotel installations have the necessary conditions to host sports, cultural and any kind of events as well as Festivals, for example the traditional Jazz Festival that is held each year in Cayo Coco.

Cayo Coco Airport

Cayo Coco Airport

It was inaugurated on December 26, 2002, replacing the earlier domestic Cayo Coco Airport 10 km to the west. The former runway was incorporated in the road heading west connecting Cayo Coco with Cayo Guillermo, some runway markings and taxiways remain visible. The old airport terminal building is now part of “Parque Natural El Baga” (a national park and protected zone.)

Pedraplen cayo coco

It begins in Isla Turiguano, on the mainland and goes to the island of Cayo Coco of Arcipiélago Jardines del Rey, with a length of 35 Km Total.

pedraplen cayo coco

Things to do


  • ✓ Playa Larga (Long beach).
  • ✓ Flamenco beach
  • ✓ Las Coloradas beach
  • ✓ La Jaula beach
  • ✓ Horseback Riding
  • ✓ Snorkelling, Water Sports, Sunbathing
  • ✓ Dolphine trip
  • ✓ Acuavida Spa Talaso
  • ✓ La Cueva Del Jabali
  • ✓ Rocarena Climbing Center

Jardines del Rey coral reef

This is the second largest in the world, exceeded only by the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Its 24 dive sites are ideal for scuba diving and underwater photography.

reefs in cayo coco

International Diving Center Jardines del Rey

Diving Zone Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo with 18 dive sites. The kind of bottom is coral reefs, caves, walls and shipwrecks and plenty of species. Account with 1 Dive Boat 31 foot, 12 Pax. The Hyperbaric Chamber is 2 hours by helicopter (Habana or Cárdenas ) The Main Dives Sites are Jaula, Triton and Loma del Puerto.

One day tour

  • Excursion to Baga Park
  • Tropical Seafari (On Catamaran)
  • Boqueron on Jeep
  • Moron City
  • Palma-Azucar one day tour
  • Cayo Coco and Guillermo